September 14 - October 26, 2023
For the Young and Young at Heart

Art 4 Life

For the Young and Young at Heart

Join us at PoMoArts for our 10th annual Art 4 Life exhibition! From fine art to fun art, this group exhibition is geared to the young and the young at heart. Art 4 Life includes art and activities for the whole family. The goal is to cultivate artistic growth in our community by inspiring and engaging children, while raising opportunities for active participation and discussion. The benefits of an arts education affects every area of life and we hope it is a lifelong journey

Gallery: Canadian Pacific Gallery, Anne Kitching Gallery, Suncor Gallery 

Participating Artists: Yasuo Araki, Georgina Avila, Vicki Lynn Barrett, Wendy Barrett, Roo Buchan, Flavia Chan, Teesa Christie, Jennie Cole, Heather Connelly Volpe, Nancy Cramer, Christy Dunsmore, Julie Epp, Faria Firoz, Georgia Fitton, Claudine Gevry, Tamara Grand, Eileen Harder, Laurie Jones-Canta, Sarah Kang, Olesia Kharlamova, Sojung Kim, Karen Lam, Carpen Leong, Victoria Marie, Joe Martens, Kathleen McKay, Markia Morissette, Monica Moscoso, Amber Nordstrand, Carlos Novellino, Cheryl Olsson, Jane Ostenstad, Bethany Pardoe, Madelyn Prevost, Kayla Rilling, Jane Rowlands, Wendy Schmidt, Malina Sintnicolaas, Kathleen Tennant, Alissa Kim Tjen, Yuan Wen, Hazel Yuhang Zhang

You’re Invited! Opening Reception 

Thursday September 14, 2023  6:00 – 8:00 pm 

Canadian Pacific Gallery, Ann Kitching Gallery, Suncor Gallery 

Artists in attendance | free admission | refreshments served

Port Moody Arts Centre 2425 St. Johns Street