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I come by my creative spirit quite honestly. My mom was an amazing artist and encouraged all of us to draw when we were old enough to hold a crayon (all the while helping us resist that childish urge to stuff those bright waxy bits into our noses). We’d come home from school and pull out a big roll of brown paper and just draw. We’d explore our beautiful Okanagan wilderness and sketch the landscape, the animals and each other, eating our peanut butter sandwiches and Dad’s homemade fudge. Oh yeah. Dad. Well, Dad wasn’t so visually creative. He was an economist, an accountant, a true bean counter who even cleaned our septic tank in his suit. But he encouraged our little band of towheaded artists and, on occasion, blessed us with a little stick man or two. Over the years, I have tried to honour that left brain / right brain duality gifted to me via the gene pool. I love science and my first studies at university were in microbiology. Then I returned to do a degree in Fine Arts, focusing on drawing and printmaking as well as Asian Art studies. Then I returned again to study all kinds of creative writing. And in between all that going to school, I worked in the worlds of advertising and architecture. My career has included extensive work as an illustrator, copywriter, editor and administrator. But no matter what I’m doing, my goal has always been to encourage others and help them find what’s important to them, to help them find the story within. I am currently working on a children’s book that may feature cats resembling my own, a novel featuring characters that in no way resemble people I know, and a continuing collection of mixed media art that explores nature and nurture. I hope you will join me to explore my passion for drawing, painting, mixed media and storytelling. And who knows? Maybe we’ll stuff a few crayons up our noses!

Dunsmore, Christy

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Humans are blessed with the ability to tell stories. Some of us use words. Some of us use dance or music. Some of us use art. Regardless of the medium you choose, tell your stories. The world is waiting. Creativity ... it's good for you!

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