Private Music Lessons

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PoMoArts offers private music lessons for all ages and experience levels.  Taught by professional musicians and veteran instructors, we offer one-on-one lessons in a range of instruments and styles, ranging from classical, jazz, folk, blues, R&B, Pop and more.  Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience informed by years on professional stages both nationally and internationally.

Private lessons are available for all ranges and ability levels, from absolute beginner to burgeoning professional, including for students preparing for Royal Conservatory exams.

Lessons are available in-person or online.

How To Register

Students new to music lessons at PoMoArts must book a trial lesson with the instructor of their choice. Once completed, students may register for additional classes at the front desk.

To book your trial lesson, please contact us at 604.931.2008 or send us an email at


Individual or Trial lessons are priced as follows:

  • $27.00 for 30 minutes
  • $41.00 for 45 minutes
  • $54.00 for 60 minutes

Piano Lessons

We offer piano lessons for all skill levels and style types, from classical to jazz. For many, piano lessons are a fundamental part of ongoing musical education, and a wonderful building block for children and adults alike. We offer piano lessons online and in-person, and also work with students preparing for Royal Conservatory exams.

Learn more about our piano instructors:

MacArthur, Laurie
Laurie MacArthur
Piano Teacher
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Dvir, Lia
Lia Dvir
Piano Teacher
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Maltby, Sylvia
Sylvia Maltby
Piano & Theory Teacher
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Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Singing is a wonderfully dynamic form of self-expression, and an enjoyable pursuit whether your are a shower-singer or aspiring professional. Our instructors are versed in various techniques, including classical, musical theatre, and pop, in addition to basic theory, ear training, and sight singing.

Out of an abundance of caution, PoMoArts is only offering voice lessons online at this time.  Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we will re-offer in-person lessons again in addition to online voice lessons


Learn more about our voice instructors:

Hayes, Jennifer
Jennifer Hayes
Voice Teacher, Performing Arts Teacher
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Voice Lessons

Violin Lessons

Beginners in our violin lessons will learn the basics including the proper holding of your instrument and the bow, fingering and note reading.  As students progress they will move on to more complex musical pieces as they gain skill and confidence.  

We offer violin lessons online and in-person. 

Learn more about our violin instructors:

Chiriac, Pavel
Pavel Chiriac
Violin & Theory Teacher
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Violin Lessons

Guitar Lessons

From learning to read music for the guitar, to learning how to play melodies and strum chords our guitar lesson will provide our students with the basics. Students will progress to learn more advanced techniques such as finger picking in various styles and other guitar skills.

We offer guitar lessons in-person and may consider requests for online lessons. 

Learn more about our guitar instructors:

Simpson, Liam
Liam Simpson
Guitar Lessons
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Early Years Music

It's never too early to introduce your little ones to the world of music! Music education at a young age empowers children and assists in both their emotional and intellectual development. It fosters imagination, leadership, active citizenship, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking - plus, it's just fun! Our early years music classes are designed to build creativity and connection between parent and tot.


Instructors who offer Early Years Music classes:

Theory Lessons

Questions? Contact us by email.