Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Performing Artist, Photo/Film Artist

Georgie is a multidisciplinary artist, from acting, dancer, photographer and now painting.

Dan, Georgie

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  Dan, Georgie


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Artist Statement

Georgie Dan is able to express her genuine love for color and life with the design of murals and objects through painting, thus creating unique, joyful and emotional pieces full of wonderful energy.

Being the mother of a beautiful neurodiverse child, who has inspired her to continue with this passion for painting, Georgie Dan has chosen her artistic surname "Dan" which means "Defend Austism | Autistics Now" translated into Spanish means "Defend Autism | Los Autistas Ahora ”, inviting those who use their creations to raise awareness about diversity with unique pieces that provide happiness and a unique form of expression.

The diversity that exists in the world is expressed in all possible ways: racial, gender, bodies, ways of being and thinking, to name a few. It reminds us that beauty in the world relies in the diversity of each and every one of its forms.

Georgie Dan makes sure that each product is uniquely different from the next, investing a great tons of love, time and care in everything she creates. By painting with endless color palettes and unique patterns, she creates products that can connect with her different customers and wonderful personalities and thereby highlight their inner individuality.

Georgie Dan's main inspiration is the joy that her art can bring to a person's daily life, sharing with everyone the celebration of color, which we can find in each of her pieces.

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