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Langley based painter, Sojung Kim, was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She began her artistic journey, traveling between New York and Seoul. She looks deeply into the moments that may pass by unintentionally. She is interested in creating such a new world by recognizing and working on such moments. The formative elements extracted from the everyday things such as the alleyway in front of the house, the scenery outside the window, the shadows under the feet, are reconstructed on her canvas. Kim is naturally drawing her condensed feelings through a simplified composition.

Kim, Sojung

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In the midst of everyday experiences and commonplace landscapes, we often overlook their significance. Therefore, appreciating the beauty of the ordinary is not an easy task. My work starts with the fascination for the seemingly insignificant and mundane things that are commonly seen in our surroundings. Just as seemingly meaningless elements come together to shape our lives, capturing everyday scenes through drawing becomes a way to remember subtle moments. I believe this enriches our lives, making them more meaningful.

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