May 16th – July 8th, 2024

Fall Flat

Kosar Movahedi

Kwi Am Choi Exhibition Scholarship Recipient 

Fall Flat, a solo exhibition by visual artist Kosar Movahedi, plays with the boundary between exhibition spaces and image-based work. She brings to our attention ignored or unseen elements of the buildings where we view art by combining source photos from the exhibition space with drawing and collage. Kosar employs humour and play to complicate our perception of space, time and surfaces through photography, drawing, video and sculpture.

Gallery: Beedie Living Gallery

You’re Invited! Opening Reception 

Thursday, May 16th, 2024, 6:00 – 8:00PM

Canadian Pacific Gallery, Anne Kitching Gallery, Beedie Living Gallery

Artists in attendance | Free admission | Refreshments served | 2425 St. Johns Street | Port Moody  


Fall Flat Artists