Join PoMoArts as we commemorate our 25th year with a celebration of the Birthday of ART!

Event postponed to January 24, 2024

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Come experience art that will challenge and expand your creative thinking. Paint to music, dance to your own beat, listen to thought provoking melodies, interact with electronic music and video, chill out by our virtual campfire, sample a few artistic cake creations and vote for your favorite ARTCake, and a few more surprises…all paying homage to the Fluxus art movement and celebrating ART’s Birthday. Special performances throughout the night by contemporary dancers, improvising musicians and digital creators 

Community Partners: Vancouver Improvised Arts Society, Vela Movement Academy, Lindy Sisson, DJ.24, Pely’s Gluten Free BakeryDoceria Da Maria Cake FactoryCassandra Cake Co., Pasta Polo, Thrifty Foods
Venue Sponsor: Site B

Date and time:
Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Site B Community Centre, 3012 Murray Street Port Moody, BC V3H 1X2

About Art's Birthday & Fluxus Art 

In 1963, Fluxus artist Robert Filliou said that 1 million years ago, on January 17th, Art was born when a dry sponge was dropped into a bucket of water.

Over the last 60 years, Art’s Birthday has been celebrated by artists pushing the boundaries of what is expected.

From now until January 17, 2024, stop by PoMoArts and make your own Filliou paper birthday hat with a birthday wish for Art.

Fluxus was an art movement in the 1960s-70s where artists engaged in all sorts of creative and experimental arts, from performance, music, mail art, to video art.

George Maciunas, a leader of Fluxus, shared his ideas in a document called "Fluxus Manifesto." He wanted art to be the body's natural flow and change, blending art with everyday life. This movement inspired later art styles like conceptual art and performance art.

As Fluxus valued the “do-it-yourself” aspect of art, why not try unconventional arts on our own? On January 17th, 2024, from 6-8PM, PoMoArts is bringing Art’s Birthday to Port Moody at SiteB Community Centre with a program that is Fluxus, unexpected, absurd, and fun!

Joseph Beuys, one of the founders of Fluxus art movement, used felt and animal fat as shamanic tools in his Fluxus performances, symbolizing warmth and spiritual healing. His concept of “Social Sculpture” aimed at improving society and politics through arts created by every human being. A video of Joseph Beuys’ performance art: I like America, and America Likes Me

Recognized as an artist by Joseph Beuys, you have the opportunity to create and share your own art on the Art’s Birthday Fluxus Sketchbook at PoMoArts. The topic is "Animals and Healings".

Yoko Ono, a Japanese artist, musician, and advocate for peace, became an essential figure within the Fluxus art movement. Her experimental and unconventional creations encouraged viewers to rethink established norms and challenge the status quo.

In her conceptual performance art piece, "Cut Piece," Ono invited the audience to cut away pieces of her clothing, symbolizing vulnerability and trust, exploring boundaries and power dynamics between art, artist, and audience.

Inspired by one of Alison Knowles’ most famous performance art pieces, Make a Salad, which involves preparing a salad on stage with live music and serving it to the audience, we are bringing in Art’s Birthday cakes to the event for all participants to enjoy. Just like Knowles said, “Whenever you eat a salad, you are performing the piece.” Come eat artistic cakes and perform the birthday celebration piece with us!