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Coral Ye Chen Canada coral_chen@yahoo.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/coralyechen/ Coral was born in a photographer’s family, and art has always been in her blood. Her light-filled paintings, expressions of her love for the Divine, captivate hearts around the world. Celebrated for her ability to capture emotion, light and depth through soft watercolor strokes, her works are cherished in galleries locally and internationally. After graduating from Jianghan University fine arts school (Wuhan, China) in 1988, Coral dedicated herself to raising her five children. Together, they lived in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada, where she now resides. Inspired by God, nature, and the beauty of imagination, her heartfelt portraits are a prayerful offering to Spirit. International Awards UNDER THE SUN won Weimer Congemi Memorial Award at the 51st International Annual Exhibition of the Louise Anna State Watercolor Society. May 1-21, 2021. LADY won Honourable Mention Award at the IWS Cangas de Onis Watercolor Competition. October 4, 2020. LADY won Honourable Mention Award at the FCA Toronto National Open Trial Online Exhibition. December 2020. BLOOMING DREAM was selected into Tbilisi, the Georgia Tbilisi International Watercolor Festival and won the Canadian Representative Award. October 10-15, 2020. ELDER was selected for the Watercolor Masters Festival, London, UK, and won the Finalist Award of the Watercolor Masters Competition. May 16-29, 2022. BUBBLE WORLD won the Merit Award for the 1st Singapore International Watercolor Exhibition. August 24, 2021. A YOUNG GIRL won an Honourable Award in the Aquarelle Pyrénéenne 2021 exhibition.

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Coral Ye Chen bleeds, sings, and prays through her brush. An alchemist of light, color and flow, her masterful fingers weave exquisite precision into the fluid transmission of watercolors. Love is present in every stroke. Stories are found in every curve. And Serenity is found in the eye of the Beholder who pauses long enough to listen.

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