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Woods, Andrew

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  Woods, Andrew

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  COQUITLAM, British Columbia, Canada

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My name is Andrew, and I’m a storyteller. I got into the visual arts and photography as a therapeutic outlet a few years ago. Having worked as a writer for a period of time, I wanted to develop a more powerful form of creative expressionism. I figured a combination of writing and visual art would be a more compelling way to express myself and my ideas. I’ve always loved telling stories. Ever since I was a kid. And I think there’s something very special about a well told story. It’s a form of creative expression that can stir emotions, provoke thoughts, and hopefully leave some kind of footprint in our hearts and minds. Stories have gotten me through many of my more difficult struggles. And my love of storytelling has carried me along life, bringing light to every moment of darkness, and a vision to every moment of emptiness. Stories are uniquely a human passion, allowing us to see the world, if only briefly, from another perspective. And through storytelling, maybe we can extend beyond ourselves. And see what is ultimately true… That we are as unique as we are similar.

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