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Born in 1977 in North Vancouver, Bill Westwell was deeply influenced by the flow of life in a rainforest on the coastal mountains. This is where he explored and played on rocks, snow and trails, savouring the lush environment full of texture and colour. From the microcosm found underfoot to the infinite universe being revealed above through the developing space age, he saw correlation between the vast and the tiny, taking comfort in the opportunity to observe it all. Throughout this range of observation, the infinite detail that exists at every layer revealed itself. Inspired by the overwhelming complexity of it all, Bill has sought expression of what he's witnessed. Experimenting with chaotic applications and engaging natural processes through fluid art and pigment interactions allows access to textures and colour interactions unavailable through other methods . A lifelong artist, suppressed by self imposed restrictions of what “should” be, he has burst through his previous limiting factors to become an insatiably curious, tireless, inventive and prolific visual artist. Currently a student at Emily Carr in the continuing studies fine arts program, Bill is working on his own series of art books and embracing the self care needed to help heal a spinal injury.

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Having awoken to how I can best direct my efforts as a mad scientist artist, I'm done screwing around, and it's time to write it all down. But words can fail us and misdirect, so I've turned to the unfettered realms of visual literacy. I believe that it can help bypass words with their triggers and pitfalls. As an outsider, an autodidact, and an independent multidisciplinary painter, I explore the possibilities of what happens when I get out of my own way and nurture a valid space in which I am free to create. Without judgement, I repurpose methods, tools, and techniques from my accumulated experiences to create the conditions in which something amazing can manifest. Playing heavily with fluid alchemy and chaotic systems of application on large format stretched canvas, I build discord colour palettes with acrylics, watercolour, and ink to create infinite textural detail and colour interactions. Flowing with the abstract, I'm open to discovery of the unexpected and the inspiration it can foster. Being utterly intrigued by this beautiful world, while witnessing the infinite depths available in all things has left me compelled to capture it with fidelity. Finding the right “brush” to do this, while finding how I gracefully employ it have generated the most compelling results. From this ongoing research I discover the most effective application of my efforts. Developing an abstract art practice has taught me that being in control isn't the goal, but showing up and setting up the conditions for something amazing to occur is. Through a mindfulness practice that involves self care and self love, I let myself have the room to create and meet the art that arises from my efforts.