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Yuan Wen is a Chinese Canadian artist born in Chongqing, China, whose artistic practice centers around printmaking, drawing, and mixed media. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2022 and will start her MFA study at British Columbia University this September. Wen's artistic repertoire encompasses etching, linocut, monoprint, and mixed media works that have been showcased in exhibitions across British Columbia and Ontario. Her professional training, coupled with her early exposure to Chinese brush painting, inspires her to create art that captures the intricate beauty and complexity of natural forms, while also reflecting the philosophical tenets of Eastern art.

Wen, Yuan

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My practice revolves around printmaking, drawing, and mixed media, focusing on the beauty and complexity of organic forms. I am particularly interested in exploring the original forms in nature, studying the structures that constitute an ideal natural form, and observing how a single structure is repeated to develop complex living beings. My work reflects organic colours, shapes, and details found in leaves, roots, and fossils, depicting the organic appearances in harmony while conveying a message of coexistence with the environment. Using various materials and techniques, I create textures and patterns that demonstrate the mechanisms of development in nature. I adopt a flowing structure and introduce lines and geometric shapes to convey interactions, emerging narratives, and conflicts. My cross-cultural background and exposure to diverse art forms have influenced my work, which embodies an East-West aesthetic process of image-making. I draw inspiration from the cultural decorative design and natural patterns, which inform the compositional decisions in my work.

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