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Raised in Hong Kong, Eliza Wang earned her education diploma as an art teacher from the Graham Education Institute. In 1973, she came to Vancouver to study at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art + Design), and completed her two year certificate in graphic design and ceramics with honours. After spending 25 years working and raising a family, Eliza started to pursue her true passion for art and design. In 2003, she started taking numerous workshops with local, national and internationally-known master potters. In 2009, she was a student at Capilano University’s third-year ceramics program and received merit list recognition. Eliza has established an artistic style that’s unique to her. Her work has been exhibited in local, American and international juried and invitational shows. She has won many awards and prizes. Always drawing inspiration from those around her, Eliza constantly explores new ideas to challenge her creative process. Currently, Eliza produces her work at Place des Arts, Shadbolt Centre of Arts, and in her own home studio.

Wang, Eliza

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My work is about balance and fusion: The balance between form and surface design and the fusion of western culture and my Chinese heritage. Using nature as my inspiration, I like to infuse its meaning into my pieces by celebrating the symbolism behind particular animals, plants and flowers. More often than not, the symbols and motifs seen on Chinese decorative arts are not merely decorative but represent hidden meanings that convey wishes for good things in life. These pictorial puns can be “read” for their inspirational meanings. For example, images of the lotus flower bestow harmony and peace; bamboo represents longevity and vitality; pomegranates symbolize prosperity and abundance; cranes represent longevity and well-being; and birds bring happiness with their songs. I layer my work with detail and meaning through form and decorative design. I consider my work successful when it can stir conversation behind the hidden meaning, and when people enjoy the look and feel of the pieces.

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