Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Visual artist Sheila Rae Van Delft grew up in Smithers, BC, and currently resides in Langley. She holds a Diploma in Graphic and Visual Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts with Distinction from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Sheila also enjoys teaching High School Art part time and spending time painting with her grandchildren. She is primarily a landscape painter inspired by contemporary Canadian artists, but her art practice includes murals, portraits, illustrations, and commissioned artwork for residential and commercial clients. Sheila works primarily with acrylics on canvas that can also include oils, encaustic, recyclables, and found objects.

Van Delft, Sheila

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  Van Delft, Sheila

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  Langley, BC, Canada

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I am a visual artist who was transplanted from the country to the city, and who has only recently been replanted back into nature. This significant life change has had a profound effect on my art practice, bringing me back to my childhood living in the woods, even then creating art from and about the landscape around me. In my process I reveal a need to connect with the natural world, a world that I feel has been forgotten in the counterfeit landscape only accessed through Pinterest, Instagram, or the lens of a smart phone, and not experienced in the real. I experience the natural world as I endeavor to generate an overwhelming longing in the viewer to encounter it for themselves and perhaps feel a primitive bodily response to landscape. I want to draw my audience out of the built urban cityscape, away from hard, cold surfaces, and into the warmth and harmony of the natural world.

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