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Based in beautiful Coquitlam, British Columbia Kathleen Tennant is a mixed media artist who loves to paint with vivid colours and lots of paint. Her art is full of life, playfulness, and texture; it’s messy, bold, and fun just like how she lives her life but it wasn’t always this way. Kathleen is a self-taught artist who only started playing with paper and paints in 2009. Art allows Kathleen to articulate the thoughts and feelings she couldn’t put into words. The creative process grew as the desire to be in that state of flow furthered Kathleen’s ability to unpack the layers of her life as she created the layers of texture within her artistic works. Words are expressed using colour. Torn paper is therapeutic and mesmerizing and used to create lots of texture. Circles are often seen and represent life’s full circle moments and drywall tape because, well.... we all need to be taped back together sometimes. Kathleen spent many years creating art for stationery products using a variety of mediums that were sold worldwide. The switch from stationery to original works on wood panels was fed from her desire to have her art appreciated in a more sustainable fashion in people’s homes. In 2020 Kathleen was commissioned by the Coquitlam Heritage Museum to create a piece for their Capturing Moments in Time Exhibit documenting the Covid19 pandemic. Each piece of art is a representation of Kathleen and her journey through life. Kathleen believes beauty comes in all forms and thus, the torn edges of life, much like torn paper are beautiful.

Tennant, Kathleen

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My vibrant and expressive mixed media artworks are a reflection of my fascination with the interplay of colours and texture. Colour is the heartbeat of my work, and I use it as a language to communicate emotions that words often fail to capture. As I construct each piece, I am guided by intuition and spontaneity, allowing the materials themselves to influence the direction of my artwork. My process is two step in that before I can create the final works I must first create abstract works on paper. Watercolour and mixed media papers are used to create abstract art using a mixture of acrylic, watercolour, pen, inks and sometimes crayon. These works on paper, once dry, are then torn up and added to the final pieces created. This process fills my creations with a sense of organic authenticity and a unique energy that resonates with viewers. Ultimately, my colourful and texture-filled mixed media collages aim to inspire a sense of wonder, curiosity, and connection within the viewer.

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