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Malory Tate is a Canadian ceramic artist based in London, UK. Tate received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for Ceramics and Art History from NSCAD University in 2016 and apprenticed under renowned Canadian Ceramicist Jim Smith. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and the United States and has been featured in publications such as Ceramic Review, The World Interiors and Tatler.  

London-based ceramicist Malory Tate creates one-of-a-kind sculptural vessels inspired by the 17th and 18th century. Her contemporary designs feature show stopping pieces including tulipieres, flowerbricks and baskets to delight any art collector. 

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I make one of a kind sculptural vessels inspired by the 17th and 18th Century. Reflective of the artistic movements of these time periods, my work is a contemporary interpretation of objects that focus on extravagance and specificity. Memory and sentimentality also play a key contributing role in my creative process. More often than not, my pieces are designed for flowers. Either to create a unique display in a grand arrangement or a piece to highlight one specific type of bloom such as a tulip.

There is a French phrase, ‘Être fleur bleue’ or the Little Blue Flower, that describes a person who is a starry-eyed romantic; someone who is sentimental. ‘The little blue flower’ is a symbol for love, desire and the pursuit of the unreachable. I find beauty and a romantic sentiment in the simple pleasures in life, such as fresh cut flowers, writing a handwritten letter to a loved one or taking the time to mend a favourite garment that is worn down from overuse. My love of objects comes from the act of elevating these simple gestures into extravagant experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

I am the Little Blue Flower, the sentimentalist.


My pieces are thrown and altered, although I often describe my process as ‘hand-building with thrown parts’. I work with a semi-porcelain body that allows for a high level of manipulation and fire my work between cones 6 and 8. I have developed a series of blue, white and green glazes forming a palette of varying textures from crystalised satin mattes to high glosses. I manipulate the surface of my pieces to produce a water-colour effect on more ornate forms whilst other designs will showcase an elegant contrast of a white exterior with a coloured interior.   

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