Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Ceramic Artist

My journey with clay began during high school in a ceramics class—an experience that ignited my passion for this incredible medium. Although my college days temporarily diverted me from ceramics, my artistic passion remained unchanged. Eventually, the perfect opportunity emerged, prompting me to restart my creative journey by enrolling in pottery classes at my local community center. As my understanding of pottery deepened, I dedicated myself to honing my skills. This pursuit led me to establish a personal studio space at home, where I could immerse myself fully in the craft. In 2021, I achieved a significant milestone by transforming a dream into reality: a dedicated studio for my artistic endeavors, allowing me to embrace pottery as a full-time pursuit. My ceramic work is a fusion of wheel work, handbuilding, and slip casting, resulting in unique and captivating pieces. Eager to expand my horizons, I continuously seek out new techniques from fellow potters, constantly fueled by the desire to learn and evolve.

Swee, Yvonne

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  Swee, Yvonne

  New Westminster, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking natural landscapes of the West Coast, my pottery is a reflection of the beauty that surrounds me. As an avid gardener, I find peace in observing the abundant birds that visits my garden. These birds, along with the vibrant garden, become an integral part of my creative journey. Utilizing pottery wheel throwing, handbuilding, and slip casting techniques, I adapt my approach based on the essence of each design. Every piece is a harmonious fusion of concept and method, capturing the essence of nature's elegance.

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