Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Ceramic Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Suzy Birstein, a ceramics sculptor, potter, painter, dance/performer and educator based in Vancouver, B.C., has been an active member of the arts community since her graduation from ECUAD (Honours) in 1980. She has been a tireless and inspiring teacher at Arts Umbrella since 1990, teaching children & adults from her home-based studio and mentoring generations of people who create and appreciate ceramics. 

Ancient and contemporary cultures and artists inspire Suzy both visually and spiritually. She has travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Cambodia, attending master workshops from artists like Rudi Autio, Viola Frey, Tip Toland, Lisa Clague, Debra Fritts, Michelle Gregor, Adrian Arleo, Arthur Gonzales, Beth Cavener, and Stephen de Staebler. 

From 2009 - 2017 Suzy ran a biannual international workshop, "Mia Muse," Figurative Ceramic Art/Travel workshops at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Greece. She has supported many community projects since 1990, including initiating the ceramics program at The Carnegie Centre, donating to numerous fundraising auctions like The Art of Splash, and being the co-coordinator for the Westside art walk 'Artists in our Midst' for 11 years. 

For the past decade, Suzy has focused her art practice on figurative sculptures, paintings and collages, all of which inspire and cross-reference each other. Public and private galleries throughout BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, USA, Japan, and Europe have exhibited her artwork in numerous solo and group shows. However, Suzy garnered international media coverage in 2008 when she was commissioned to create "Motion Pitchers" for the Academy Award gift bags. In addition, magazines and newspapers have featured her work, and she has often been a guest on radio and TV, talking about art and performance. 


Birstein, Suzy

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  Birstein, Suzy


  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

My art amalgamates old world majesty with contemporary charisma: think Queen Nefertiti meets Carmen Miranda or Ganesha meets Lady Gaga.

I create figures, mostly women, from fired clay infused with aged and lustered surfaces. The sculptures inspire collages and oils on canvas.

I am currently working on two series.

"Ladies-Not-Waiting" reference Old Master paintings -Las Meninas, Madonnas, Bar Maids - by Velasquez, Fouquet, Manet, Kahlo...

The "Tsipora Portraits", taken from my Hebrew name meaning Bird, embrace an exotic earthiness living within a poetic imagination. 

Both bodies of work address The Gaze: Looking inward facing outward. They speak to nesting and transcendence, the mirror and reflection, celebrating the individual and universal.

Through the act of art, I connect with my spirit mentors.

My Current Exhibitions: