Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Mixed/Multi Media, Photo/Film Artist

With a lifelong passion for photography, Carolyn has woven her artistic journey through the captivating world of imagery. Her formal college education in both analogue and digital media laid the foundation for her artistic pursuits. Beyond the lens, she embraced her education and experience, with various other forms of art such as video, mixed media, to modern dance and the delicate art of florals. Her interests in photography include all her delights: dance, dogs, flowers, food plus my concerns of urban development and environment erosion. Carolyn’s career path has been as diverse as her artistic interests. As a commercial photographer, she expertly captured moments that told stories for countless clients. She also shared her knowledge and creativity as a curriculum developer and arts instructor, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring artists. With more time, she is enjoying her love for artistic imagery and mixed media, focusing on the subjects closest to her heart. Carolyn’s photography radiates the pureness of one floral petal in the moment of now, to the concerns of modern conversation with photo-based storytelling using: a single photograph, mixed media collages, digital layered compositions or short videos. Carolyn is an active member of various artistic groups and has continued to show work in many galleries shows the past few years. She appreciates the opportunity to work collaboratively with other artists of different mediums like within this gallery show. Her new portfolio images have sold locally, internationally and just recently sold for the set on a new TV series Tracker.

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  Burnaby,, BC, Canada

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Having spent the past four decades in the city core of the mainland, I have recently acquired a cabin on the picturesque island of Mayne in the southern gulf islands, marking a significant shift in my environment and creative perspective. Surrounded by the ebb and flow of tides, I find myself entranced by the enchanting dance between the tides and the shore, capturing the ever-changing relationship between water and land. Photographing the low and high tides that inconsistently expose and cover the Tafoni rocks along the coastal edges, in the southern gulf islands, is now an expanding portfolio area for me. I’m drawn to the simplicity of the elements of art exposed in the tafone formations, strong textures, the honeycomb shapes, and the surprise of colours from the daily light temperature to the seasonal growth on the rock formations. The tranquility that I feel while swaying with the tide, brings me closer to the beauty of the erosion, a connection to aging a compelling parallel to the beauty of an older women. Each crevice in the rocks represents a story, or a memory which like the lines etched on a mature face represents a chapiters in our lives. My newfound connection to rocks with holes, has become an inspiration and igniting a passion to capture the essence of coastal life through my creative endeavors. Through my work, I seek to convey the profound beauty and tranquility that I’ve come to cherish in this island sanctuary and invite viewer to join me on a journey of discovery and reverence for the natural world.

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