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Ronald (Ron) George Straight is an Ojibway First Nations artist. His work as a commercial artist uniquely reflects his view of the natural world. Influenced by his heritage and upbringing, his paintings merge the real and the imagined by using digital & illustrative elements. Ron was raised on the prairies and now lives in Surrey, British Columbia affording him a wide range of inspiration for his paintings. His branding comes by way of an old movie, “Young Frankenstein.” In the film, Igor comes running up to Frankenstein after he had visited the doctor shouting that his blood type is abnormal. Ron relates to this narrative as he did not know of his heritage until he was in his 60’s. He has AB Original, his last initial and the year painted, on every painting to acknowledge his heritage. 

Straight, Ronald George

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  Straight, Ronald George


  Surrey, BC, Canada

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