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Celeste Nazeli Snowber, PhD is dancer, poet/writer and award-winning educator who is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Celeste has written extensively and her books include Embodied inquiry: Writing living and being through the body, three collections of poetry and more recently Dance, poetics and place: Site-specific performance as a portal to knowing. Celeste latest book of poetry, The Marrow of Longing explored her Armenian identity. Celeste’s is presently finishing a book entitled, Creating in dangerous times. The essence of her performative work centres around site-specific performance in the natural world and one-woman-shows that integrate comedy, contemporary dance, and improvisation. She has performed and spoken internationally for concert venues, galleries, museums, conferences, and in various outdoor spaces and is a frequent collaborator with other artists. Celeste can be found at www.celestesnowber.com or more ideally, dancing between land and sea.

Snowber, Celeste

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  Snowber, Celeste


  New Westminster, B.C., Canada

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I am a dancer, poet, writer, scholar, and performance artist working between the borders of landscapes and mediums. The space between water and land, the textures of sky, wind, and earth propel my body to dance and write. In my site-specific performances, I am invited into a linguistics of creation where the slowing down of time provokes a somatic response. As a landscape dancer and writer, I am caught in the poetics of the natural world, drawn to call and respond to the elements of the earth, which move through me. Through an ecology of place, I explore how dance and poetics are in a conversation with the riparian zones between land and sea. My poetry, dance and spoken word performance are inspired by the ways the body can be a portal to inner and outer landscapes. In turn I share these live performances with audiences in marine parks, botanical gardens, and public parks; the poetry is published in essays, journals, and books. I am fortunate to dance in the British Columbia terrain for almost three decades, conscious of being a visitor on this earth. I dance, wander and wonder on the unceded, traditional lands of the Coast Salish peoples.

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