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Grace Siu foray into pottery started in an arts hobby class. Having pursued this hobby further, she started her formal training at the Ontario College of Arts and Design in 1988. Grace’s works have been primarily exhibited in Asia (e.g. Hong Kong’s Flagship House Museum of Tea Ware), and BC’s local art galleries. A ceramic artist focused on porcelain, she strives to incorporate playful ideas in her creations, to highlight the need to enjoy the little things in life.

Siu, Grace

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  Siu, Grace

  Burnaby, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

A few years back, the majority of my time was spent on throwing cups, bowls, and functional wares in front of the pottery wheel. One day, my beloved Shimpo wheel was stolen, which then led me to building pieces by hand and explore hand building techniques. During the pandemic, I want to create pieces that lift people’s spirits. I hope my turtles and chickens will bring joy to your home. These pieces are made with porcelain; each piece individually decorated and fired in a soda kiln. Soda firing is a vapor-glazing process where sodium bicarbonate is applied into the kiln at temperatures above 2300°F (1260°C).

My Current Exhibitions: