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Shivani Singhal is a self-taught artist living in Lower Mainland who has a strong passion to express her thoughts and feelings on a canvas. Professionally, Shivani is a seasoned HR advisor having worked with global companies to help them craft people strategies. Just like management, art also involves touching people’s life, and this is what Shivani is really passionate about – positively impacting people’s life through her work. Her paintings tell a story of fanciful simplicity through bright colors. She loves portraying everyday life moments with a playful and cheerful tone. Her work is mostly done in acrylics, but she also sometimes uses oils and pastels. Shivani is an active participant in various galleries around Lower Mainland. Her paintings have been exhibited in the North Van Art Gallery, PoMo Art Gallery, Langley Art Gallery, New West Art Gallery, South Delta Art Gallery, Pitt Meadows Art Gallery and so on. Shivani’s venture into art not only has allowed her to provide a medium to express her thoughts but she’s found an audience in the Lower Mainland area and is open to commissions.

Singhal, Shivani

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  Singhal, Shivani

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  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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“I don’t paint pictures; I paint my heart”! My style tends to be eclectic as I love to explore variety of art forms. You may find my painting realistic one day and vibrant colorful imagination the next. I believe being a self-taught artist, gives me opportunity to explore different subjects and styles in my own way. Painting is never ending learning process and I feel like I’m a student lifelong, forever experimenting. Hope is a big part of the work I do, and my paintings reflect that how having faith in your abilities and belief can open door to enormous opportunities for you! My paintings have found happy homes in Canada and I hope to add ‘you’ to my list.

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