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  Simpson, Liam

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Liam has been playing guitar since 2004 and writing music since 2010. From having played in Heavy Metal bands and Jazz ensembles, to singing in choirs and acapella groups, his practice and instruction draws on a broad range of experiences. He has a Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance from Douglas College and will be finishing a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition at Vancouver Community College in Spring of 2022.

Liam believes that a strong foundation of physical technique and basic music theory skills are fundamental to learning to play the Guitar. He enjoys helping students develop and expand their tastes in music, showing them how to set goals that are challenging and achievable, and providing processes for learning that make practice as rewarding as possible.

Liam has experience with all ages and skill levels and is comfortable teaching all styles of Guitar playing. He believes that any individual that has interest in the guitar can find a place for it in their life, and he is passionate about helping his students find that place.

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