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Alexis Shuffler is a Canadian mixed-race artist who's been practicing in British Columbia for over two decades. The natural beauty of her home, from stone to sky, lakes to mountains, is an evident muse in her work. Alexis’ art is also rooted in her deep love of colour theory and psychology, a love that helps her stay connected to her vibrant Caribbean heritage. She uses an emotion-driven, intuitive process and expresses her subjects with bold colour palettes and painterly brush strokes. She brings her experience in graphic design to create compositions that are infinitely fluid yet underlaid with structure, using basic design principles to inject her paintings with dynamic layers and movement. Alexis’ artistic style is a testament to her years of curious creative exploration, her admiration for natural beauty, and her soft spot for vibrant expression.

Shuffler, Alexis

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  Shuffler, Alexis

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  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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My art captures the beauty and emotions of fleeting moments, through vibrant colours and graphic forms. Guided by colour psychology, my work connects people through our shared human experience and tends to have a sense of familiarity. I often mark moments of transition and each piece starts with this core emotion, expands it through a representative colour palette, and manifests intuitively. The composition isn't planned from the moment I start with the broad strokes, to the gradually refined details. This layered approach creates dynamic depth in my pieces, combining organic shapes with structured forms to invite infinite discovery. This depth mirrors life's ever-changing fluidity, reminding us to embrace the complexity of our experiences and appreciate the significance of each day.

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