Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Ceramic Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Metal/Wood Artist

Parvaneh Roudgar’s work originates its roots in the classic tradition of her country of origin Iran and in Italy. The inspiration of Roudgar derives fundamentally from four areas, within which is found a thematic route that starts from the classic western and Persian civilization and arrives to the expressive modules of the modern and contemporary sculpture. In the sculptures of Parvaneh Roudgar a particular meaning is found in the human images, that take shape in the maternity, in the passions and in the women figures which strong dynamism transform the original figurative elements into art forms that evoke great strength. Sometimes the power of the lines that draw the figures, and the marked curves of the body, reach to communicate the suffering, the pain, without still failing with the aesthetic dimension of the image in its complex. 

Currently living in Canada, Roudgar has worked within different cultures, and this co-mingling of traditions is poignantly evocative within her different styles of work. Alongside her figurative works Roudgar has an extensive collection of geometric and abstract sculptures. Parvaneh Roudgar began her journey in art in 1986 at the Artistic Lyceum in Florence under the instruction of her Professor of Sculpture, Antonio Di Tommaso, and renowned Professor of Ceramics, Marcello Fantoni. Parvaneh concluded her art studies at the University of Eta' Libera of Florence and went on to specialize in ceramics, plaster and casting. She received her Certificate in Working with Stone at the Art School of Porta Romana in Florence and has since been the recipient of numerous prizes internationally. She has been teaching in various art colleges and in her private studios for the past 30 years.  

Alongside having her works exhibited in many different countries in North America, Asia and Europe, in 2016, Parvaneh’s most recent work “Mother and Child on a Bike” was commissioned and permanently installed in the Inlet Skytrain Station in Port Moody (Canada). In 2018 her work Migration was installed permanently in Currumbian Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast, Australia. Her works are part of the collection of the Salsali’s Museum in Dubai and different projects have been displayed as outdoor sculptures in North America and Iran.

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With art, I came to know my true self through my strengths and weaknesses. When I work, I must be honest with my nature in order to be creative and original. I think that life is like a river flowing. Every time I wash my hands in this river, I have different feelings due to ever changing motion of its waters. Every work I made is an expression of these feelings. I feel happy within myself when I acknowledge and accept the changing nature of my thought and feelings and witnessing the flow of my river of life.

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