Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist

My whole life I’ve been creative! It started in Junior High; I used to spray paint my shoes because I wanted them to look more unique. I took Art in High School and my teacher taught me basic art techniques which I continue to apply to my creative process for my current projects. I moved from Alberta when I was 19 to go to film school, and now I currently work as a Props Person in the Film Industry here in BC. Working in the Props Department has provided an avenue for me to expand my creative expression that is just as satisfying as creating art. In the last 2 year’s I’ve found my inspiration though nature and pop culture. I’ve alway loved Banksy and wanted to use spray paint to make art, although I quickly learned graffiti is not my forte. So I started experimenting with stencils, board game punch outs and tape to create my pieces. Most of my pop art paintings are inspired by music, and a lot of my spray paint paintings are inspired by nature. I’ve lived in BC for 11 years, and moved to Port Moody 2 years ago. Living in Port Moody is amazing; this city has inspired me to express my creativity. I can look out my window and see natural beauty as well as other local artists sharing their talents! I truly feel at home here. This is where I belong.

Rilling, Kayla

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  Rilling, Kayla

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  Port Moody, BC, Canada

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When I close my eyes I can see the art I want to create. Completing an art piece feels as though I’ve hit the “print” button in my mind, bringing my vision to life on canvas. Letting my creativity flow brings me peace of mind.

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