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Madelyn is a fibre artist and doctoral candidate in anthropology at Simon Fraser University. Her academic and personal interests converge in her dissertation research on Sunshine Coast fibre artists; she is particularly interested in the creation of place-based textiles, terroir, and the ethical projects encompassed by the artistic process and artisanal labour. It was her year of ethnographic fieldwork with fibre artists that deepened her appreciation of fibre arts, and expanded her skills in spinning, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, surface design, and quilting. In line with her goal of merging her arts practice and academic research, Madelyn has exhibited textile art at both local galleries and international conferences. She is currently working on writing her dissertation, and exploring the possibilities of arts-based analysis and knowledge dissemination through an ethnographic vignettes quilt.

Prevost, Madelyn

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  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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As an artist-anthropologist, I am concerned with expressing ideas through art, as well as exploring those ideas during the process of creating art. Fibre art in particular offers rhythmic states of contemplation that allow for developing intimate relationships with the materials I work with. I am interested in connecting with all steps of the creative process, such as weaving a substrate to stitch on with hand-spun thread. This creates a deeper connection to the lives and histories of the materials and intimate knowledge of their nature. I believe that understanding and interacting with the materials on this level enables a multisensory listening – listening to what the piece calls for, what it wants to be, and what insights it offers. My main medium is fibre, and I have a particular interest in found objects and thrift, both as a way to make my art more sustainable as well as find significance in serendipity. Currently, my work engages with labour, sensory ecologies, vital materialism, and placemaking. Through my art practice, I explore the ways art can enhance my academic scholarship, and how my anthropological research can be expressed and channeled through art.

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