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Nicole Ponsart is a sculptor who lives and works in Burnaby, British Columbia. She is currently earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Emily Carr University with a major in Visual Arts. Growing up a competitive athlete and working artist, Nicole combines her acute eye for detail with a competitive mindset and ambitious work ethic to produce a large volume of work annually. Her practice is primarily in the medium of ceramics and works to bridge nature with conceptual modernism through her figurative and utilitarian pieces. She believes in enriching the arts community through the sharing of knowledge, impacting positive experiences and collaboration with others. Nicole is the recipient of multiple scholarships through the British Columbia Arts Council and the Government of British Columbia as well as the recipient of the Student Summer Residency at the Medalta Historic Clay District in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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My artistic practice is rooted in the hands-on; the specific learning that happens through material exploration and repetition of form. This act of Kata produces a deep understanding of the limitations and capabilities of the material as my work ethic guides me to produce an extensive body of work. Repetition in my exploration also allows me to drive what is possible in terms of surface and form by altering the technique to fit the desired results. This past year I’ve refined my own methodology to enhance my creation process by incorporating Tim Ingold’s concept of “thinking through making”. The ongoing and improvisational process between material, maker and tool is where my body of work develops and unfolds. I draw my inspiration from the stunning natural landscapes of North America, most notably, British Columbia, Arizona and Texas where my family lives. Most recently, I’ve been inspired by geological formations and occurrences throughout North America, specifically, the Canadian Rocky Mountains after a winter road trip to the Kootenays. The structural and geological formations found around the continent have triggered an underlying interest in geology which I’ve begun to explore and experiment with. My passion has always been in the natural world and the unique occurrences that happen naturally within it. Combining my love of form, flowing curves, geological formations and malleable material to reflect the wonders of our planet in my ceramic work. As an emerging artist, I’ve begun to shape my artistic identity around the natural wonders of our planet by combining geology with ceramics and exploring how one could take a modernist approach to natural organic beauty.

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