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Ellen's work balances complexity of surface with succinctness and simplicity. Her approach to painting is spontaneous and intuitive. She applies multiple layers of paint and paper and continues to manipulate the surface to reveal visual depth and texture. Her focus is on neutral colors, surface, texture, and mark making. For the past 30 years she has balanced a busy professional career with creating art. She discovered the joy of clay and ceramics before transitioning to painting. She studied visual arts at the University of Victoria and has subsequently taken many courses and workshops with many renowned artists.

Pelto, Ellen

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  Pelto, Ellen

  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

I am an abstract artist creating cold wax medium, acrylic and mixed media pieces. My work is influenced by my love of the ocean and the beach near my home on Vancouver Island. A neutral palette prevails throughout my work. I endeavor to evoke a sense of history, complexity, connection, nuance and authenticity in my work. My mixed media pieces are inspired in my curiosity and interest in exploring how the dynamic and properties of various types of paper respond to assorted mediums. Through layering of paper and paint, scraping, scratching, scoring, sanding, combined with spontaneous and intuitive reactions, the paintings organically emerge as objects in their own right.

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