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“Art and science represent the difference between “being” and “doing”; Art's raison d'être is to evoke an emotion. Science seeks to solve problems by advancing knowledge.” - Leonard Shlain Challenging the rules of what is and exploring the what ifs, Melanie Olson draws on 20 years of scientific research in labs across Canada and challenges the use of materials while researching emotion evoking subject matter. Melanie is a multi-disciplinary artist residing in Vancouver, BC. Melanie draws inspiration from personal experiences and the landscapes around her. In addition, Melanie also gets excited by all the inspiring artist around the world sharing their work and creative processes.

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Domestic violence isn’t always big, loud, and overt. Oftentimes it is quiet, almost imperceptible. It isn’t always physical violence, but the sustained impacts of verbal and emotional abuse, and power/control dynamics, often are extremely violent. The journey of how a domestic violence victim essentially becomes a target, and the long journey to recovery and healing, are the two themes examined in this body of work. A comment by a friend alluding to the therapy I would need once I left an abusive relationship didn’t land at the time but it planted the seed that grew to where I finally got out. As an adjunct to therapy, I created this series to look back and identify all the little signs I missed. All the little signs so many people in abusive relationships miss. And to share those signs, and remove the shame of it in a big, loud, and overt way.

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