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Karlie Norrish McChesney, a multi-medium artist, expresses herself artistically in two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats. Right out of high school Karlie worked as a draftsperson in an architectural engineering firm before pursuing her BEd and MEd in Studio Art Practices. Retired from her 30-year teaching career, she now pursues her art practice full-time. Karlie’s studio is located in Chilliwack, BC; she exhibits her work as a soloist and in group shows in the province of British Columbia, across Canada, and in the US.

Norrish McChesney, Karlie

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  Norrish McChesney, Karlie

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  Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

I articulate my art in a very precise manner, that is every piece perfectly placed and thought out. My art practice requires much measuring and calculating to construct a finished piece of work, so much so that the work is a form of puzzle solving. The series work Crossroads, Fold & Crease, Formulas, Fluidity, and Spirographics are in my preferred medium of fibre in the form of stitched textiles with elements of mixed medium applied to the surface. In my series ‘Single Use’ and ‘Receptacles’ I explore my passion for sculptural form and construct with a variety of materials: textiles, paper, plastic, metal, clay, and/or wood. My skills are varied and flow freely from the making of one piece to another.

My Current Exhibitions: