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Marika Morissette is a visual artist living in Burnaby, BC with her husband, two daughters and goldendoodle. Marika’s creativity blossomed as a young child with oil painting classes, singing in choir, playing the piano and acting in school plays. Although her love of the arts was evident, her career took her in a different direction. She earned a B.A. degree in Communication Studies with honours from Concordia University. A successful 20-plus-year career as an executive assistant followed, until 2021 when she departed the corporate world to follow her creative direction, spend more time with family and pursue her passion for painting. Having always painted on occasion, Marika began specializing in acrylic fluid pour painting techniques in 2019. She loves this exciting abstract art form for its beautifully unpredictable results. Using silicone oil as an additive to create stunning, colourful and bright cells in her creations, Marika experiments with different approaches including blowing, puddle pours, dirty cup pours, bottle-bottom pours, balloon kisses and the swipe method. Each piece is a unique symbol of creativity and hope for the future. Marika is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the FCA Fraser Valley Chapter. She also holds membership with the Burnaby Artist's Guild, North Van Arts, Langley Arts Council and Arts Council of Surrey. Several of her works have been juried into group exhibits. She finds freedom and joy through her art and strives to inspire others to lead creative lives. Her work is available for sale on Etsy under the shop name MarikaFluidArt.

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I am passionate about creating original, beautiful artwork. My abstract fluid art creations reflect where I’m at in my life right now. With each painting that I pour, I feel a chance to play and discover new ideas, and with that comes a new sense of hope and trust that the Universe is looking out for me. I don’t know what my future holds, but rather than feel fear, there is great excitement about the prospects. Limitless possibilities of colours blending, cells forming, and patterns emerging that allow me to break free from expectations and ignite curiosity. Pour painting is incredibly freeing and liberating since I literally get to “go with the flow.” The process serves as a living metaphor and allows me to fearlessly take risks and use my feelings as a compass. To create space in my life for change and new opportunities. I set the emotional tone for each piece by choosing specific colours and techniques, and then let the direction reveal itself through the visual transformation that takes place organically. I feel exhilarated as I torch over my paintings, anticipating the gorgeous cells that I intuitively know will appear before my eyes like magic. Pour painting has become a spiritual practice for me and I’m extremely grateful for its therapeutic effects. It is my hope that people will experience an emotional connection to my work, and that they will find the vivid, energizing colours to be uplifting and stimulate optimism. The flower burst series of works that I've included in the Art 4 Life exhibit should really appeal to young people. At the centre of each painting is a thought, wish or desire that we want realized. It bursts outward into the Universe, and the Universe, wanting us to have our dreams come true, answers back ‘YES’! Titles such as "Flowering Wishes", "Growing Wonder", and "Unstoppable Optimism" reinforce this concept and stimulate hopefulness. Children will be drawn to the vivid, energizing bursts of colour which are very appealing to the eye. I lovingly blew the paint with my breath and a straw across the canvas to produce the flower effects. Some of them also look like stars you might find at the center of the galaxy.

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