Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Fibre Artist

Kathleen was born and raised in British Columbia. After taking a course in 8th grade sewing class, her mom always made sure there was fabric and patterns in the house. Kathleen is self taught textile artist and focuses on sewing stuffed toys, teddy bears made from up-cycled materials, hand bags and quilts. A car accident, followed by a diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease convinced Kathleen to revisit sewing as a means to quiet her brain, while nurturing her soul through creativity. Finding old unused material in her home was the first step to discovering the joy in recreating something new, exploring the possibilities of recycling, reducing waste and reusing unwanted material. By using fabric and textiles from previously used items, whether they be a fur coat from a friend or a cool find in a thrift store, Kathleen recreates, revitalizes and renews old cloth into items that others may find useful and charming.

McKay, Kathleen

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  McKay, Kathleen

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  Surrey, BC, Canada

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My art allowed me to recenter my mind, focus my soul and find joy in creativity. Each piece I’ve created has charmed my heart and brought a sense of delight at the truth it’s never too late to find something new in something old. I love the entire creative process of imagining, designing, then creating. It’s not uncommon for me to giggle out loud as each of my pieces comes together.

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