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Max TongShen Yang - PoMoArts 2022/2023 Ceramic Artist in Residence

Max Yang is a ceramic artist whose keen interest in the material led him to experiment with various methods of manipulating this versatile medium, with a focus on functional pottery and figurative sculptures. Max holds a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a BMO 1st Art Regional Award. During his time in the university, Max honed many ceramic techniques including wheel throwing, mold-making, and sculpting, as well as clay and glaze chemistry. In his work, Max spread his time in exploring new and innovative functional pottery forms and expressive figurative forms, seeking to find a deeper connection between the objects we use and the people using them.

Yang, Max TS.

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  Yang, Max TS.

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I am a ceramic artist excelling at combining various techniques to achieve a unique and innovative design. Clay is both the material I represent myself with and the vessel I tell my stories through, it is this passion for the earth and fire; rigidity and flexibility; heritage and innovation that fuels my creative soul.  

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