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The Reverend Dr. Victoria Marie is originally from Brooklyn, New York.  She has called Canada home since 1965 and Vancouver since 1979. Since 2012, Victoria has served as pastor of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community. Victoria is a published author, her book "Transforming Addiction" is about the role of spirituality in learning recovery from addiction, published by Scholars Press. She defines herself as a late blooming, self-taught watercolour artist. Her visual art journey began in November 2020 at age 75. As she grows closer to joining them, Victoria feels compelled to form a relationship with her ancestors through art, that is, to portray the strength and compassion of the people who came before her before they were colonized by non-endemic religions. As a member of Sierra Club BC artists, she believes that we part of the earth community and have a responsibility to take care of the earth. This is reflected through her paintings.  Art Exhibitions September 3-26, 2021, “Birds! Birds! Birds! Exhibition”, Outsiders and Others Gallery September 1-29, 2022, “Creature Connection: We are one under the sun”, solo exhibition, The Carnegie Community Centre 3rd Floor Gallery September 9-October 29, 2022, “Save My Home”, Outsiders and Others window gallery exhibition. January 11-February 23, 2023, “New Year New Beginnings Group Exhibition”, Langley Arts Council at the Timms Community Centre May 15-June 11, 2023, 7 pieces in group exhibition, Kickstart’s Access Art Show at The Gathering Place August 6-7, 2023 piece in group exhibition at This Gallery August 9 – 19. 2023, 10 pieces in for banners exhibited at the 2023 Vines Art Festival at Creekside Park, Oppenheimer Park, and Trout Lake venues

Marie, Rev. Dr. Victoria

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The intersection of environmental activism and my role as a spiritual leader have converged to instill in me a desire to learn more about the creatures that share our planet, especially those that are endangered. This desire grew into taking up watercolour and a brush during the pandemic. My studio is the four-foot space between my computer and my bed where I work on a foldable table. I have fallen in love with watercolour and sometimes include other media such as ink, gel pens, and gouache. My work offers a glimpse of creatures in their real or imagined habitat. A few works allow the viewer to look into their eyes as they return the gaze. These works are an invitation to the viewer to feel a connection with the subject as a fellow active participant in the web of life.

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