Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Fibre Artist, Ceramic Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Digital Artist, Metal/Wood Artist

Chantelle Marchand was born in Toronto, Ontario. Visual arts has been an important tool for self-expression and joy since her early childhood. After high school, reconnecting with her mixed Indigenous heritage became an important part of her life and art practice. She learned new ways of expression through leatherwork, beadwork, and traditional teachings on the unceded lands of the Three Fires Confederacy. She graduated with diplomas in Fine Arts and Indigenous Community Development and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Visual Art and Psychology. She seeks to foster an explosion of spirit in those who view her artwork and those who learn to express themselves in the arts.

Marchand, Chantelle

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  Marchand, Chantelle

  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

Art is central to my life in many ways! I am continuously inspired by how the arts bring people and communities together. Through my work as an artist and mentor, I have witnessed how connecting to our cultures and ourselves through visual mediums can uplift our spirits, foster collective joy, and help us understand each other. Each day I find new ways to express myself through the arts as an evolving person. Additionally, I love working with youth to create safe and exciting spaces/programs for them to get involved in the arts community and each other. The central mediums of my art practice are painting, illustration, sculpture, and textiles. My art practice is a vibrant expression of my spirit!