Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Metal/Wood Artist

Ron Love is a West Vancouver based artist and completed his Industrial Design degree from Art Centre Collage of Design in Los Angeles, California. He is a Signature Member of the National Watercolour Society and has over 40 years of professional experience working as an architectural Illustrator/Designer and Painter. Examples of his architectural illustrations have been published in many magazines, papers and books over the years. He has work featured in the Avery Collection at the Columbia University Library in New York City and developed architectural illustrations for Sky Train Stations in Vancouver. Ron’s designs visualize possible futures for large scale architectural projects in city spaces. He brings his concept designs to life with pen, ink and watercolour. 

After retiring from a long and successful career, Ron turns his design talents towards his studio practice. While he dedicated his career visualizing exterior perspectives, he’s now shifting his artistic gaze inwards. Designing future possibilities from his architectural illustration background informs his wood-working practice. With more creative freedom in retirement, Love’s work explores imaginative possibilities through whimsical surrealist sculptures named to reflect their child-like charm, made with woodworking tools, and colourfully hand painted details. 

Visit the whimsical work by Ron Love in his exhibition, Whimsy in Wood and Paint, on exhibition at PoMoArts Centre.

Ron Love

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  Ron Love

  West Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

Retirement has granted me a creative liberty I couldn’t express in architectural design. I’m filled with energy to create – from concept sketches, woodworking and painting – my imagination runs wild in the studio. As part of my creative process, I develop the concepts of my work drawing and painting by hand and on the computer. I sculpt my designs from wood using hand and power tools and meticulously paint the final pieces by hand. I create colourful and enchanting wooden creatures, houses and machines with a surrealist charm. In the summer of 2021, a selection these pieces are on exhibition in “Whimsy in Wood and Paint” at PoMoArts.

My Current Exhibitions: