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Mi Hyun Lee is a fine art landscape photographer. Mi Hyun Lee is very passionate about exploring the world and nature’s beauty. The meaning of photography to her is to find the linkage between her life, her thoughts and feelings, and to give it its meaning. She started out by recording her life and people she met and loved. Then she wanted to do more than just record her mundane life. She is eager to capture the magnificent scenery that provides backdrops to her experiences.

Lee, Mi Hyun

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  Lee, Mi Hyun

  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

I am hitting the road again to my sanctuary where I come to face myself naked. I trace myself on the snow-covered mountain peak and frozen surface of the lake. This is an enchanted place where I heal my griefs and sorrows from the past. As I learned to capture the beauty of mother nature through the lens, I also learned to transform my loneliness and darkness into happiness and joy through photography. I could not stop crying happy tears as I stood in front of this wonderful natural phenomenon, and being in the presence of greatness this place has. The communion with nature, allows me to live as I am without having to wear any mask on. It took me several years to find this magical phenomenon; driving from home for hours and hours, sometimes the camera was blown away by the wind, and there were times when I was stuck in the car for many hours, shivering from the cold and hunger. But it always brings me back there, this amazing phenomenon only visible when it is freezing cold and the wind blows. It blooms and falls like flowers in various shapes and forms only during the cold winter. The joys and sorrows of my past are unfolded on the ice where these snow flowers are blooming.

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