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Karen has worked full-time in the film and television industry since 2000. Starting her career as a producer and entertainment lawyer, Karen has since written and directed eight short films, three music videos, series directed a true-crime documentary series for Investigation Discovery (US), a web series “Mythos” (2015) created for TELUS, and four feature-length films -- “Stained” (2010), “Evangeline” (2013) and “The Curse of Willow Song” (2020), which premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival in September 2020. The film won the award for Best British Columbia Feature Film, and Karen received a Best Director award at the British Columbia Leo Awards (2021). Karen has also written television scripts for SYFY and Netflix on the series Van Helsing and Ghost Wars. In 2021, Karen directed the seventh instalment in the Bring It On cheerleading franchise, a Halloween horror special titled Bring It On: Cheer Or Die (2022) that premiered on SYFY in October, and is available for viewing on Crave in Canada (Amazon and Hulu in the rest of the world.). Karen is currently in production on a new surreal short film, “ALT-X” which is being shot on a virtual production stage. In addition to her film and television work, Karen has been a lifelong visual artist, working in photography, acrylic, oil and ink pencils. Her photographic work has been professionally exhibited at the Elliott Louis Gallery in Vancouver, BC.

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From an early age, art has always been an integral part of my life. It has been the way I communicate with the world — whether through my career in film and television, or with a paint and brush. My visual art is a meditative sanctuary that I reserve for my private ideas and thoughts: it’s the only form of creation that is between me and the media itself, unfiltered, without the input of a team, of financiers, or even an audience. It has been a lifelong passion, and throughout my life, it is the surefire way to reconnect with myself and remind myself that there is still beauty and love in this world.

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