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Back in 2007, April was creating art as a hobby while working as full time Registered Nurse in post open heart surgery in Victoria, BC, Canada. Fast forward 10+ years and April is now working as a full-time artist, having traded in her in stethoscope for a paintbrush. April creates colorful acrylic paintings that reflect her deep connection with west coast nature, especially trees. April works from her backyard studio among the trees in Maple Ridge near Vancouver BC and is often kept company by her dog Maple, who of course was named after a tree! April’s original paintings can be found in private collections all over the world. She sells her work online as well as artist fairs, public galleries. April offers a line of reproductions including greeting cards, prints and home decor items that can be found in shops around Canada and on her website. April has also created many public art projects including a mural for the BC Children’s hospital, a painting of a salmon sculpture for the City of Coquitlam and a painting for a collaborative jewelry project given to Kate and Prince William by the Governer General of BC.

Lacheur, April

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A Professional Visual Artist, April Lacheur’s work explores the connection between humans and nature, with a specific focus on trees. Demonstrated through semi-abstract acrylic paintings, Lacheur examines these relationships on a deeper level by means of bold colours, flowing lines, exposed tree roots, phantom trees and layers, which vary in translucency and opacity. Enamored with forests on the West Coast, Lacheur became inspired by the similarities between humans and trees. Both have the ability to generate deep roots intertwined with personal story and history. By exposing tree roots and allowing backgrounds of phantom trees to shine through, Lacheur exposes the unseen, the stories that are always there but never shared. Trees and humans also transfer energy and build strong connections that result in a sense of belonging. Lacheur believes there is much we can learn from how harmoniously these connections take place within a forest and conveys this lesson within her paintings. Lacheur’s paintings remind the viewer that we are not unlike the nature that surrounds us and therefore we should aim to both learn from it and protect it. When we share our stories by exposing our roots and backgrounds we can better communicate with and understand each other resulting in communities that flourish together, much like the forest. Delicate yet spirited, this work is about the beauty that connects us to one another and every human with nature.

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