Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Hee Jeong Kim is a Korean-Canadian Painter born and educated in Korea. Since immigrating to Canada in 1994, she has found the beauty in nature, and this interest has been manifested in her large oil paintings ever since, personalizing shapes, colours and forms found in nature. She takes pleasure in revealing the visual rhythm of nature in her often abstract and colourful paintings.

Kim, Hee Jeong

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  Kim, Hee Jeong

  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

My intention is to re-express all the beautiful things that God sees in my own way through my heart. In this exhibition, I also want to express the warmth of nature and his love and loneliness that can be read through the eyes of the dogs who always live with us in my own way.

My Current Exhibitions: