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Jasvinder Kaur (also known as Jessie) is a self-taught artist originally from Malaysia who began art as a child. She was encouraged by her parents and by the art teachers in school as well. Jessie has never had any formal education or training in painting, but she is an Interior Designer currently not practicing. Her painting consists of Malaysian and Indian sceneries. She took a break from art to focus on the upbringing of her family and finally decided to pursue her dream of painting again in 2017 now that her children are grown up. Jessie is a self-taught artist except for what she learned in school. She has always loved Malaysian and Indian art so most of her work depicts a fusion of the two styles. Four years ago, Jessie (Jasvinder) was approached by a friend to do illustrations for two children’s books which were published. The illustrations inspired her to return to painting and she started working with gel pens and pencil crayons. Jessie’s medium of choice is acrylic paints and occasionally uses gel pens as well.

Kaur, Jasvinder

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  Kaur, Jasvinder

  Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

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My at is a fusion of Malaysian and Indian work - often done from pictures taken. I mainly work with acrylic paints and consider my form of painting contemporary. I recently explored with crystals and fund it enhanced my work so I have started incorporating gems/ crystal in some of my work where appropriate. I am a self-taught artist and have always loved the Malaysian style of art which I have infused in most of my work. Batik is a style I love and often try to have some form of batik in my work. It is a fusion of Malaysian and Indian styles.

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