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  Kang, Sarah

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Sarah graduated from Seoul Women's University, College of Fine Arts in 2001. After graduating, she began her career as an elementary school art teacher in Korea until 2003 when she immigrated to Canada. Even after immigrating, she continued her passion for art by providing private art instruction from preschool to 8th grade students. Following the 2020 pandemic, she paused her private tutoring and focused on her own artistic endeavors, eventually becoming a member of the Blackberry Artist Society in 2023. Since 2024, Sarah has been working as an instructor at Pomo Arts. Her artwork primarily focuses on watercolor and acrylic paintings, characterized by vibrant colors and whimsical themes that inspire hope. In her teaching, Sarah emphasizes stimulating students' imaginations and encouraging them to experiment with various materials. She hopes her classes provide a creative outlet for relieving everyday stress, enabling students to continue their artistic pursuits at home. Sarah participated in the 2023 Art 4 Life exhibition with her "Flower Flavoured Icecream" series. Overall, Sarah's journey is marked by a dedication to nurturing creativity and imagination in her students, aiming to uplift and recharge them amidst life's challenges through art.