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Yoshi took watercolour classes in elementary school for 6 years, and occasionally went outside and enjoyed painting landscapes. He also took oil painting courses in high school for 4 years to learn fundamental painting techniques and concept of drawing and painting and art in general.

He re-started oil painting about 30 years ago as a weekend artist. To become a more dedicated artist Yoshi joined Suite E Life Drawing Group to further develop his drawing and painting skills and concepts, and at the same time joined Glen Pine Drawing Group to meet some fellow artists to enjoy art conversations. He had been also a member of Port Moody Art Association, and Port Moody Art Centre Association for several years.

His paintings have been exhibited at Place des Arts, Glen Pine Pavilion, Maple Ridge Art Gallery and Port Moody Art Centre through these associations and groups, and also individually participating events and shows at the galleries.

Oil painting is his main medium and subjects are widespread from landscapes to still life and figures, but figures are his favorite subjects. He started painting female figures in Kimono (Japanese traditional costume) about 10 years ago, and currently this figure painting is one of his main subjects.

Kamei, Yoshi

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  Kamei, Yoshi

  Port Coquitlam , BC,

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Although Oil painting is my main medium, I also work in watercolour painting, coloured pencils, soft and oil pastels so I can study the colours, light and shade in different mediums when I’m drawing or painting from live models at the Suite E group or Glen Pine Group. I also paint landscapes, inspired by the beautiful scenery around Pitt River and tugboats and Mt. Baker, as well as some still life such as potted flowers, but my main interest is in human figures. I have been drawing and painting from live models every week for more than 10 years attending sessions at these two art groups.

My wife knows how to wear Kimono (Japanese ethnic costume) and she has been performing Japanese dancing wearing Kimono, so it was quite natural for me to start painting Japanese ladies. When I started, my wife had a beautiful young Japanese lady friend, and she was also willing to be a model for my Kimono paintings. This was the beginning of my dedication to the painting of this subject.

At the same time I studied the traditional Japanese style of painting beautiful women called BiJinGa. I have kept working on depicting the beauty and charm of the women in Kimono by capturing their images from various angles and postures and situations. It is a tremendous feeling of fulfillment when the results are close to what was intended to be expressed. I have also started combining traditional Japanese Ukiyoe as the traditional Japanese tattoo (Irezumi) on their back.

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