Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Fibre Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Creating with fibre has been an integral part of Karen Johnson’s journey. Experimentation with art quilting techniques has helped Karen to best express her vision. Daily walks, travel and photography are sources for her inspiration. Her work has won awards both nationally and internationally.

Johnson, Karen

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  Johnson, Karen

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  Langley, B.C, Canada

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Exploring the world of art quilting has helped me define the best techniques to express my creativity. It’s especially exciting to incorporate fabrics that I’ve hand dyed, followed by adding various surface design applications. Creating my own fabric deepens my connection to the art making process. Layers created through value, texture and stitching add another dimension to the work. My inspiration and the way I live my life are shaped by daily walks where ever they may be. My perceptions and inspiration change with the seasons. The process of creating a work of art in fibre is a very rich soulful experience and often reflects where I am in my life.

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