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Eileen Harder was born in the sunny Okanagan to an artistic mother who was also a painter and designer. Eileen travelled extensively in Europe many years ago, living there for five months, visiting all the famous museums and art galleries. Standing utterly stunned in front of the large paintings at the Louvre in Paris, she knew instantly that she was a painter, viewing exquisite work by Rubens, Rembrandt, Turner and many more. Fascinated by the painting of velvet, jewelry and hair, she started off painting in realism with traditional techniques. After many years she has sought a more loose realism style, influenced by Sorolla, Pino and of course the impressionists. Eileen lives in Coquitlam BC and teaches painting at community centres. Eileen is an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Harder, Eileen

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  Harder, Eileen

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  Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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I believe what defines a life well lived is creativity. At all moments I am creating with my hands, or creating thoughts that will land on canvas. I love colors and energy in paintings. My goal is to paint in a painterly way, loose realism, to emulate Sorrola, Pino Daeni, John Singer Sargent amongst other influencers such as Manet, Bertha Morisot, Eva Gonzales.

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