Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Ceramic Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Metal/Wood Artist

Anyuta Gusakova was born in the city of Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast to a family of Czech, Polish, and Ukrainian origin. From a very young age, art became Anyuta’s way to process her emotions and dreams, and to stay connected to her true self. Growing up, Anyuta was surrounded by cultural artifacts from nearby Japan and China. Those artifacts deeply influenced her artistic perception and expression. After graduating from high school, she got a degree in linguistics and then, following her dream of becoming a professional sculptor, moved to Moscow to study classical art at the Stroganov Academy of Art and Design. She got an MFA equivalent diploma in Monumental and Decorative Sculpture in 2006, and immigrated to Canada in 2008. Anyuta’s mission is to create art that uplifts people and fills their hearts with balance and joy.

Gusakova, Anyuta

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  Gusakova, Anyuta


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I believe that life is supposed to be joyful, inspired, and filled with love. I want to help people attune their hearts to whimsy, wonder, and balance. Life is an exciting journey if you go through it with the open heart and curious eyes of your inner child.

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