Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist

I am inspired by nature and the play of lights and darks within a scene. It could be a tree that I pass noticing specific details that catch my eye, like the texture of finger like branches, the mist veiling them, or strong shadows on formations. However, it is the mood of the light that speaks to me and that I wish to convey to the viewer.

I work in realism and cover various subjects that I come across in my outdoor adventures. Sometimes the things I paint pose a question to contemplate, tell a story, or speak of permanence and strength.

I use a limited pallet of six colours mixing them into many variations and prefer small brushes in order to get the detail I wish to convey. I also take photos regularly, do pencil sketches and watercolour studies, making notes on the light source and colours that I see. Some work is completed on location and others need a bit more work back in the studio.

I often paint in themes that challenge me and have included birds, tug boats, old structures, mountains and local landscapes.

Painting “En Plein Air” in acrylic has been my latest focus where I have learned to paint quickly to capture the moving light. When painting outdoors it is nature itself that presents the compositions.

Many of the subjects I paint resonate with me on a personal level and are local scenes that people may also connect with, enjoying the detail and play of light that is within the work.

Green, Randy

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  Green, Randy

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Artist Statement

Randy Green has been painting over 30 years and is known for capturing nature and wildlife with fine detail. 

He has been influenced by Robert Bateman and enjoys painting realism, often adding interesting subjects to his landscapes. Although he has worked in various media, including oils and watercolours, he has focused on working with acrylics when outdoors, premixing his colours and quickly laying in the darks and lights of the scene.

His new perspective is to consider compositions quickly and use fast small brush strokes to imply various textures.

Randy teaches painting at the Friendship Centre in Port Moody, but still manages to get out and paint. The walks in nature that he enjoys often become some of his favourite places paint.

In his spare time, Randy enjoys photography, fishing, kayaking, skiing and spending time with his grandchildren. Randy and his wife live in Maple Ridge.

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