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Tamara Grand is a painter and multi-media artist who creates colourful, expressive and joy-filled paintings. Ever-inspired by the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, her work captures the energetic, expansive and untethered feelings she experiences when hiking a secluded mountain trail or wandering the rocky, ocean shore. In addition to expressing her emotional response to the landscape, Tamara’s work explores the lines and textures of nature. Look at her paintings up close and you’ll find marks echoing the deeply fissured bark of a Douglas fir, the cracks of a weathered boulder, the ‘spongey’ feel of moss and the undulating lines left by waves on the sand. After many years of using her creative talents in careers as first, a biological researcher and more recently, an online fitness coach, Tamara felt a shift towards painting and the making of things that could be physically held in her hands. She immersed herself in the online world of art, studying with Louise Fletcher, Alice Sheridan, Lewis Noble and Pauline Jans. She paints daily to practice and expand her repertoire of techniques and hone her own, personal artistic vision. Today she creates large and small scale abstract paintings for private collectors throughout North America from her home studio in Port Moody, B.C. Each piece is painted with the intention to calm or energize a space through the use of shape, colour and form. Collectors often comment that her work transports them to a time or place when they felt fully present and close to nature. Tamara’s paintings have been exhibited locally at Black Sugar Coffee House and Willow and Wallflower. She loves social media and regularly shares her work and her process with an ever-increasing Instagram following.

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My paintings are simultaneous explorations of what I see and feel in the landscape. They represent the emotional connection I experience with nature when hiking the mountains and forests of British Columbia or wandering the wild beaches of the Pacific Northwest. ‘Spacious’, ‘timeless’ and ‘untethered’ are the sensations I aim to evoke in my loosely landscape-based pieces. I use bright colours, wandering lines and geometric shapes to interpret the world around me, allowing the paintings to develop intuitively and at their own pace. My work is primarily process driven; I often have many pieces on the go with no pre-determined end point in mind. This approach allows me to remain playful and experimental as the paintings develop, engaging in a ‘call and response’ with the canvas until we’re in agreement that the work is done. While I love the expansiveness and freedom of working large, I’m equally drawn to paintings you can hold in your hand. Small works that invite you to look a little closer and make you wonder what might be just beyond the edge. These ‘wee’ paintings provide the perfect surface to explore nature-inspired textures and make intriguing compositions when displayed together.

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