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Tamara Grand is a Port Moody-based abstract painter and mixed-media artist who creates colourful, expressive and joy-filled works of art. After many years of using her creative talents in careers as a biological researcher, fitness trainer, writer and mother of three, a friend introduced her to acrylic paints. A new passion was born. She immersed herself in the online world of art, painting daily to practice and expand her repertoire of techniques and hone her own, personal artistic vision. Today she creates large and small scale paintings for private collectors in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom from her recently expanded home studio. Each piece is painted with the intention to calm or energize a space through the use of shape, colour and form. Tamara’s paintings have been exhibited locally at Black Sugar Coffee House, Brave Brewing Co., Coastal Bookstore, Dosanko Restaurant and Willow and Wallflower Gifts. She has had work juried into a number of regional and Canada-wide exhibitions, including The Square Foot Show, PoMo Arts ‘Winter Treasures Market’, Place des Arts ‘Positively Petit’ group show and several exhibitions at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.

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For me, painting is a form of play and exploration. It's a way to tap into my creative spirit and let my imagination run wild. When I'm painting, I'm fully present in the moment, focusing on the brush strokes and the colours on the canvas. It's a meditative experience, a chance to tune out the noise of the world and connect with my innermost self. My process is free-flowing and open-ended. I don’t pre-plan my colour palette or create a composition in advance, preferring to react intuitively to what’s already on the surface of the canvas. I think of it as ‘call and response’ in which each move opens up a plethora of possibilities. I’m constantly on the search for beautiful ‘surprises’ in my work and often base and entire painting on these happenstance events. Bright colours and organic shapes are signature elements of my paintings. I love exploring the interplay between different hues and experimenting with new colour combinations. Organic shapes offer a sense of freedom and spontaneity, allowing me to let my intuition guide me as I create. Ultimately, painting is about embracing the joy of the creative process. It's a reminder to stay curious, to stay open to new possibilities, and to always keep exploring.

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