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When one stands back at looks at Bernadine's life and work, it becomes obvious that at the heart of everything she does (whether it be art, writing, or educating), she is a teacher.  Not the kind who asserts knowledge of facts like a Grade 10 Math teacher or truths like guru Wayne Dyer (bless his soul).  Bernadine is the type of teacher who will present something and ask only that you look at it and decide for yourself what it may or may not mean to you.

Whether  it  is  with  art,  writing,  or  in   speaking engagements, Bernadine uses her own life experiences as the subject matter of her work. In fact, if one was to gather all of her art, writing, and speaking engagement topics one could collect it under one heading: This is My Story.   Her writing simplifies and articulates complex ideas and interactions.  Her art demands us to  utilize our nonverbal language and have a conversation with parts of our brain we may have forgotten.  Her speaking engagements come directly out of her life experiences and are focused on social activism.  All of it is meant to create social change.  Bernadine uses images, words, and her voice to touch this world and leaving it in a better place.